What We Do

Make your metal special with Armageddon Armory’s customizations & modifications. Our shop carries a wide range of customization options, including finishes, colorized parts, and other gunsmith options. You can count on us for laser engraving, Cerakote, and trigger jobs. Whether it’s an owned sentimental piece or you’re needing a new firearm to customize, we can help you. We are proud to provide the San Antonio, Texas community with quality service and products. From parts and attachments to cerakote coatings and frame modifications.. we’re here for you!

Gunsmithing is the routine maintenance, repair, and modification of firearms. Armageddon Armory identifies worn or defective parts and replaces them with new ones. We are aware of issues specific to certain models and manufacturers in order to resolve these concerns. Sometimes, gunsmiths modify firearms for competitive or other purposes specified by their clients. Check out our gunsmith services.

Our Specialties


Gunsmithing is the routine maintenance, repair, and modification of firearms.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving achieves the highest quality engraving, without the extra work required with older techniques.


Grip stippling is a gun modification used by gunsmiths to convert an otherwise slick, factory stock grip into one with other formations to add or subtract texture.


Custom ceramic coatings protect your firearm from corrosion, chemical, abrasive wear and tear, all the while making them look so admirable.

Frame Mods

Gun frames change but your hands don’t. We can modify your pistol grips to give it your desired texture and fit. Frame enhancement gives you better muzzle control.

Come On In

Are you ready to bring in your firearm? We look forward to your visit! To prevent our shop from over-crowding please set an appointment with us.

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