Our passion is in our work.

From repairs, cleaning and professional attachment installs to cerakote, frame mods, and full custom rifle builds... Our qualified gunsmiths and technicians are prepared for the task. We pride ourselves on our ability to reach our clients desired results for their firearms. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to stop on by our retail location to have your questions answered, give us a call, or book an apointment time that is most convenient for you.

Gunsmith Prices

Custom Rifle Builds

  • AKM/AK47 Build Starts at: $400.00
  • AR15 Complete Assembly $170.00
  • AR15 Lower Receiver Assembly $95.00
  • AR15 Upper Receiver Assembly$100
  • Custom build quote$100 plus %50 of quoted parts price


  • Complete cleaning with inspection: PistolStarts at: $60.00
  • Complete cleaning with inspection: RifleStarts at: $70.00
  • Complete cleaning with inspection: ShotgunStarts at: $70.00


  • Sight installation or replacement Starts at: $45.00
  • Mount and bore-sight scope or red dotStarts at: $55.00
  • Install sight bead (shotgun)Starts at: $40.00
  • Trigger installation Starts at: $50.00
  • Pin and weld muzzle deviceStarts at: $110.00


  • Cerakote complete pistolStarts at: $170.00
  • Cerakote complete long gunStarts at: $265.00
  • Wood stock hand rubbed oil finishStarts at: $200.00
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