I purchased a gun online, what information should I give the seller for FFL transfer?

Please provide them with our address as the address that will receive the shipment:

5716 Mobud St.
San Antonio. Tx 78238

Also provide them with our email and phone number:

We will send them our FFL documentation once the seller reaches out to us.

If I drop off my firearm for gunsmith work, can I pick it up same/next day?

We at Armageddon Armory are focused on being through and not rushing our work in order to deliver you quality results.

We also understand that sometimes issues come up last minute and need to be fixed quickly. Because of this, we offer the option to expedite the work for a fee. Our staff will put in the extra hours to ensure that you get your items back in a timely manner.

Where can I buy an AK parts kit?

There are online retailers that carry a variety of parts kits for purchase listed below. Auction sites like gunbroker may also aid you in your search.

AK Builder

Apex Gun Parts

Arms of America

Atlantic Firearms

Centerfire Systems 

Numrich Gun Parts

Where can I get a genuine Russian AK?

Unfortunately, Since 2008 the importation of Russian manufactured firearms to the United States has been banned. However, there are Russian AK parts kits available. With one of these kits, our staff will build you a rifle that is “clone correct” to the Russian military configuration.

Moka’s Riafus

Sauer Supply

What is your hourly gunsmith rate?

Bench time is $60 per hour

Machine time is $120 per hour

There are also standard rates for common jobs. See our gunsmith section on our website to browse pricing.

How tough are Cerakote finishes?

Cerakote is a leading product for custom finishes in the firearms industry as well as in automotive, marine, aerospace, and 3d printing applications.

Based on ASTM testing standard D4060, Cerakote withstood abrasion testing nearly twice as long as back oxide finishes and 10 times longer than Bluing.

Additionally, Cerakote H-146 Graphite Black withstood a 9h pencil lead hardness rating, the highest hardness rating that can be achieved.

Furthermore, All Cerakote Elite and nearly every Cerakote H Series coatings have an impact strength rating of160 inch-lbs.

All in all, Cerakote is a very tough coating, under normal usage you should expect your Cerakote finish to last for years to come.

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